Data Brokerage.

When the data you have isn't enough, and you've tried to get more yourself.

Data Ventures works on a shared value approach with data providers. This along with the brand and reputation of Stats NZ, allows us to access data through a balance of protecting data providers from risk while still delivering value to our customers.

We do not sell Stats NZ data.

Our model

As a Data Trust, we are an independant party to be the custodian for data exchange between two parties.

Data brokerage diagrams

We pride ourself in only seeking data brokerage opportunities where there is long term value. This means we will not invest in one-off datasets.

Our goal is to create not just strategic, but operational value to the datasets we broker. Often this results in us getting more frequent, but less detailed datasets.

For the example of government customers, having this approach helps the procurement process for data providers and also our customers. The investment is usually the same, but the result is larger returns on the same effort often performed once and never again.

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