“In particular, companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable.”

— Harvard Business Review


The purpose of Data Ventures is to be a full service data agency, and be flexible to the needs of its customers — targeting problems that exist in the executive team level of an organisation.

We do this by working with your executive team to build strategy, confidence and direction around your organisation's future with data.

Our focus is on high value and high impact work. Work that will either create a new direction, or open new opportunities for an organisation.

Our engagement with you can be as simple as us working in an advisory/governance role, through to becoming your data partner to develop data products and services for your organisation or your organisation’s customer.

Why data ventures

Data Ventures is uniquely placed to provide data-driven solutions that lead to action.


We have no stake in anyone else's interests.


Able to work with all types of organisations.


Being part of Stats NZ builds confidence.


Access to expertise and data available through wider Stats NZ.


Our operating model of brokering data has been well tested.


Advised international customers on our operating model.


Data Ventures, working with their data partners, were able to provide near real-time population insights to help develop the various COVID-19 Alert Level strategies.

When the focus changed to economic recovery, Data Ventures was able to create near real-time electronic card spend insights to help inform the New Zealand Activity Index to inform the health of New Zealand’s economy.

Data Ventures continues to provide key datasets that inform ongoing pandemic risk modelling, and the next important step of the COVID-19 vaccine strategy.

How we do it

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.


explore & Advise

Working with you and your executive team — we start by identifying key strategic areas for your organisation around data and information.

Involving us in your own journey brings a trusted party to give confidence around all aspects of the steps towards a successful outcome.

We are able to work across executive, senior manager, legal, strategic comms, commercial, and product teams to inform along the way.

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Data Environment

Relationships, data provision and oversight. Your organisation can go down either path at this point — to provide data to customers, or to source data from data providers.

Either direction needs a trusted intermediary to oversee and broker the associated risks of what data customers want and what data providers are willing to give.

Data Ventures can offer all aspects of data brokerage services, data quality oversight and governance frameworks to develop the overall data environment.

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Insights & Decisions

It’s easy to define what you want from data, however it’s not easy to make it simple to understand for your customers.

Data is nothing without the right insights. Actionable outcomes are all about communicating the data to your team and customers.

The combination of a healthy data environment, the right datasets and clear communication can result in significant decision and productivity gains.