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We are Data Ventures: a data trust, Sometimes known as a data brokerage.

This means that Data Ventures sits in the middle of the data chain. Data Ventures gets datasets from other organisations and turns those datasets into useful products. These are often datasets that are really hard to get otherwise.

Data Ventures then sells those products primarily to government.

Our first product is Population Density. Population Density tells you the total number of people in a given suburb at any given hour.

Data Ventures is the commercial arm of Stats NZ.

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Population density background

In order to make Population Density work we had to pull together a lot of data.

Data Ventures pulled together datasets from the major mobile phone providers in New Zealand. Each mobile phone provider gave Data Ventures access to the sum total of mobile devices down to suburb resolution in New Zealand, across different time periods. This data was anonymised before we saw it. This means there are no identifying features to the numbers of devices, and we cannot see movement. Just a total number of people, in a suburb, at a point in time. You can read our Privacy Impact Assessment here.

The data from the mobile providers was pulled through, collated, then using Stats NZ IP we model mobile device number counts to population counts.

Data Ventures has created an API to give people the best access to Population Density in the way that’s easiest for them.

Previously population data was captured by census which is only done once every five years. It also only captured where people live. Population Density captures the number of people who work, live, and play in a given area at a given time.


Cost: $

Data: A specific 24 hour window with hourly population ebbs and flows at a regional or suburban level.

Access: CSV

Cost: $$

Data: The last 13 months worth of data showing monthly variances at a national, regional or suburban level.

Access: CSV and API

Cost: $$$

Data: The last 13 months worth of data showing hourly changes at a national, regional or suburban level segmented to residents and visitors.

Access: CSV, API and in map form

Data Ventures can prepare a bespoke package based on the above options that suits your needs and budget. Talk to us

We can provide a count form of the data, a variance form and segmented data (such as residents and visitors).

Population Density in action

See how Population Density can be used to help you make the best data-driven decisions.

Use Cases


There might be an event that you want to measure the population effects of, this could be something like a concert or a cruise ship arriving. One Day’s snapshot would show you the population ebbs and flows across a day.

Monthly changes

Towns and tourist spots may see changes in population counts over a year. Monthly Movements can show you when those changes occur and at what density.


Seeing how population changes happen across a day over months and seasons is great for emergency planning. If an earthquake hit at 3pm on a Wednesday in a particular area, what sort of population count would you expect to see; this helps with planning for such an event so that emergency response is at better prepared.

Data Ventures background

Much like any commercial entity, Data Ventures operates a pipeline but it’s a pipeline that has multiple paths.

Data Ventures has a unit inside it called Data Ventures-X where big ideas happen. People inside Data Ventures or Data Ventures-X may find a gap in the market for a data product. The team then works on validating whether the idea is worth pursuing.

Data Ventures then seeks out those who have the data that would enable Data Ventures to create a product to solve the identified problem.

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This might be one organisation with a dataset that would enable Data Ventures to make the product. It might be an organisation who can create the dataset to enable Data Ventures to make the product. Or it might be several organisations that have the datasets or can create the datasets enable Data Ventures to make the product. If this is the case, Data Ventures will work with those organisations to pull all the datasets together in a way that protects each organisation’s IP and provides benefits back to them.

Data Ventures then works with Stats NZ, using its IP or data scientists to layer over the top of the data so that the product that comes out is top end and of the highest quality.
With a complete product, Data Ventures may sell that product to government organisations or NGOs, or it may sell it back to the data provider depending on what arrangement.

By doing all this, Data Ventures provides a stream of revenue back to Stats NZ without selling any Stats NZ data.


Privacy Statement
Because Data Ventures is the commercial arm of Stats NZ, we abide by their privacy statement. This means we do not identify individuals in our products. You can read the full Stats NZ privacy statement on data collection here

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